I have a strong testimony of this church! What is our…

by Dan Burress

I have a strong testimony of this church! What is our message? It is simply this:Through Christ Jesus we can be redeemed from sin and darkness because he gave His sinless life to purchase our salvation at great cost. Christ has risen from the grave and conquered sin and death, and because of that we too may look forward with a perfect brightness of hope, that we too will live again after death. God is not dead, He lives and once more speaks to us today as in days of old. God raised up the Prophet Joseph Smith and he was a humble Instrument in restoring the needed Priesthood authority to administer in the ordinances of salvation for the living and for those who have died In ignorance of the plan of salvation, but would have received it if they had lived in a time or place when it was available to them. The Holy Bible and Book of Mormon are the word of God and acting as a duel witness, that Christ is the perfect Son of God, able and willing to save all who shall come by faith. I bear my humble testimony of these sacred truths, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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