Become a Virtual Mormon Missionary

In recent years the Internet has become the primary source of information for millions of people around the globe. Because anyone can publish information on the Internet, the accuracy of that information is often questionable. is organizing a virtual missionary effort to publish accurate information about Mormonism on the Internet. If youíd like to become a virtual missionary, please participate in one or more of these activities:

  1. Join the Google Group. The Group is used to coordinate missionary efforts, including participation in blog entries and podcasts, notifications of investigator questions, translation needs, etc. It’s the best way to become a missionary!
  2. Answer visitors’ questions by visiting our Questions and Answers page. If you would like to know every time someone asks a question, you canMormon Questions and Answersreceive email notifications or subscribe to theQuestions RSS Feed.
  3. Post your testimony or invite your friends to post theirs.
  4. Leave comments on for investigators to read. Find a page that interests you and click on the “Post a Comment” button at the bottom.

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