‘The Prayer’

Ok. I admit it. I was having doubts. We’d thought the Spirit had said to knock this street–you know, that subtle whisper we non-apostles so easily misinterpret–but after the third house I doubted we were receiving any real inspiration.

“Hello, Mam. How are you tonight? My name is Elder Durant, and this is my companion, Elder Ketchum. Might we please speak with the head of the household?”

“Oh, it’s you guys again. Listen, we’re eating dinner right now, ok?”

“Ok. Have an enjoyable evening.”

The two of us marched automatically to the next door. We’d been rejected so many times that day it’d become funny, like being slapped silly. After the hurting, the only thing left is the silly.

“Well hello there, little girl. You sure are a cute one! My name’s Elder Ketchum. Who’s that person whispering to you from behind the door? Is it your mommy? Would you get her for us?”

“She’s not home right now.”

“And your daddy?”

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