I’m going to homecoming with a friend he’s Mormon. Can I wear a normal homecoming dress or does it have to be below the knees. Also what do I do if his mom wants to meet me.

Leslie from San Antonio,

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Mario Rios
2017-09-10 09:09:00
Hi Leslie. Thanks for your question. I suggest you chat with your homecoming date about this question. It could be meaningful for him if you tried to honor his culture by considering these kinds of things. But he can hardly expect anything if he doesn't communicate his feelings with you!

I can tell you how most practicing Mormon girls/women would dress in this situation, and then you can decide whether it's best to dress the same way. Here's a link that describes some of our dress standards.

This page from the church's official website is also very helpful.

You might also google "Mormon homecoming dress." It's a pretty common question!

Meeting a Mormon mom isn't really any different than meeting any other mom. Just try to be positive and curtious.

Best of luck to you! Hope you have fun.

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