My girlfriend is a Mormon and we’ve been together for 9 months, she is 15 years old and I just turned 17, I know it goes against her rules that we are together, but I love her and together we support each other. I am an atheist, but I completely respect any religion and even want to learn more, thanks to my girlfriend I learned a lot about Mormons, and I still want to learn more.

What I want now is to know what I have to do to be able to continue with her, I do not know if her family takes our relationship well since they are also Mormons. But I want to get to know them.

Sebastian from Argentina,
(Comment originally posted in Spanish)

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Mateo Ramos
2017-06-25 13:28:51
Hi friend. I'm happy you're interested in learning more about the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. I love being a member of this church, so I naturally get excited when others express interest. I encourage you to chat with your Mormon friend. Talking with our missionaries and visiting one of our chapels could also help you learn more about how we worship.

Regarding your relationship with your Mormon friend, you might find this article helpful:

I hope this answer helps! All the best.

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