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Earth Life: More about Overcoming Sin

In the Mormon view, mankind’s purpose here on earth is to continue to struggle to become more like our perfect Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Spiritually immature as ever and now without the benefits that come from being in God’s immediate presence, all of us here on earth are sinners, and with each sin the distance between us and God grows greater. Sin — which Mormons define as acting in ways known to be contrary to God’s will — makes us unhappy in this life and disqualifies us to stand in God’s presence in the next.

Jesus took upon Himself the sins of mankind

(Scriptures: Jesus Christ’s Role in God’s Plan)

(Scriptures: Faith in Jesus Christ)
(Scriptures: Repentance)

(Scriptures: Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost)

The Life to Come

the spirit world

The Resurrection and the Day of Judgment

(Scriptures: The Resurrection)

(Scriptures: The Day of Judgment)

After the Day of Judgment

progress eternally

state of eternal happiness

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