A simple list of questions, blog articles, and testimonies, ordered by date.
As a casual researcher of Utah and Mormon history, I’ve been unable to understand the Word Of Wisdom, particularly in relation to the suggested use of barley to drink, and why some hot drinks are allowed and others not. (It’s not an addiction to caffeine thing. Which is a common belief. Current church stance is […] (February 7, 2018, 1 comment)
My son now take courses on occasional Sundays to hopefully increase his skills for projects that allow him to spend family time. He is self employed and works long hours at present. Up until now he has taken his children to church on Sundays and sometimes alone when his wife’s profession requires Sunday shifts. I […] (January 21, 2018, 1 comment)
They Gave Up Their Christmas (A Mormon Video). The beautiful story of a group of Hispanic Mormons who gave their greatest gift to Christ on Christmas, the gift of themselves. They Gave Up Their Christmas (December 25, 2017)
The Reason Behind Christmas: A Mormon Video. The “Mormon Church” has produced another fun Christmas video this year. According to the church’s official channel on YouTube, the video tells the story of “a Christmas angel, a grumpy old man, and an unusual Christmas pageant.” The story “remind us all that amid the shopping and commercialism, there is a way to keep Christ […] (December 25, 2017)