A simple list of questions, blog articles, and testimonies, ordered by date.
He is the Gift. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is about to start a major advertising campaign to share its Christian message. It’s called “He Is the Gift” and focuses on Jesus Christ and His central role in the Christmas story. The church has launched a website at christmas.mormon.org, has purchased a billboard in New York’s […] (November 30, 2019)
Christmas Video from Garth Smith. O Holy Night – Original Arrangement by Garth Smith I recently received a nice letter from Garth Smith, a great LDS musician from Southern California. I’m sure he doesn’t realize it, but I actually invited him to give a fireside to our stake’s mid-singles a few months ago (in my offline life). He and his […] (November 30, 2019)
Hey I’m doing my graduation paper about the Church of the Latter Day Saints and I wanted to know if the Church, in the past or in the future, ever had to face anti-mormonism and if it has, in which way? (November 16, 2019, 1 comment)
My great-grandmother was a mormon, the only one in our family. I have a vague memory of her telling me one time that she had someone baptized on my behalf. That sounds like baptism by proxy, but I thought that was only done for the dead. I was very young, so I may not be […] (November 12, 2019, 2 comments)