A simple list of questions, blog articles, and testimonies, ordered by date.
Thinking about conversion. Hey I’ve been going to your church lately and my boyfriend is Mormon. I’m thinking about converting but there’s a problem. I was married before in the Catholic Church. That marriage was never annulled. Can you give me some advice? (January 29, 2017, 1 comment)
Sir, I want to change my religion . Pl help me. Sir, I want to change my religion . Pl help me. (January 22, 2017, 1 comment)
What is the process of conversion to Christianity religionwise and legally … how much time does it take? If I am around 21 ; is parents consent necessary? (January 19, 2017, 1 comment)
I was baptized before I’d repented! Hello. I’ve been a member of the church for 7 months. I have a calling, which I love. But I recently finished reading the Book of Mormon for the first time and realized that when I was baptized I wasn’t worthy. I had broken the Law of Chastity one or two weeks before my baptism. […] (January 8, 2017, 2 comments)
I don’t want to leave the church. Hello. I was born in the church, but this year I’ve been feeling some doubts and confusion about the church. I want to be happy in the church, and I don’t want to leave it. I’d like to know what I should do. Should I speak with someone or can I figure this out on […] (January 8, 2017, 2 comments)